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20 Longest Playing Songs On Old Christian Radio
(As of April 30, 2005)
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Date Added___ ARTIST ____SONG _______ALBUM ___________ARRANGEMENT___________________
[11-mar-04] -- Cary Schmidt -- Thank You Lord (2:48) -- [Quiet Moments With Christ (Volume 1)] -- Instrumental
[27-Jun-04] -- Larry Mayfield -- Softly And Tenderly (2:42) -- [Senior Select Favorites Hymns] -- Choir
[03-Jul--04] -- Bob Aldridge -- There Is A Fountain (2:58) -- [Piano Solos] -- Piano Instrumental
[03-aug-04] -- Linda McKechnie -- Seek Ye First (with "Canon in D" by Pachelbel) (3:53) -- [Symphony Of Praise I]
[03-aug-04] -- Majesty Orchestra -- Always The Same (3:18) -- [Majesty Strings I] -- Orchestra
[07-aug-04] -- John Lundberg Men And Women's Choruses -- To God Be The Glory (Women's Chorus) (2:27) -- [Songs Of Faith]
[21-sep-04] -- Don Marsh Orchestra Panpipes -- How Great Thou Art (4:52) -- [Beside Still Waters 2] -- Instrumental Panpipes
[03-Oct-04] -- Joanna Marini -- Holy, Holy, Holy (2:38) -- [Thine Is The Glory] -- Piano Instrumental
[03-Oct-04] -- Linda McKechnie -- Lamb Of God/Lord Have Mercy On Us (3:53) -- [Moments With The Savior] -- Piano + Orchestra
[12-Oct-04] -- Melinda K. Wickham -- Praise Him, Praise Him! (3:37) -- [To God All Praise And Glory (Volume 3)] -- Orchestra +Strings
[12-Oct-04] -- Michael Shull -- Sweet Hour Of Prayer (4:19) -- [His Amazing Grace] -- Bluegrass/Mountain Dulcimer
[04-Nov-04] -- Anna Rossi -- Washed In the Blood (2:15) -- [Jesus Is All] -- Violin and string instruments
[04-Nov-04] -- Vicki Duim -- How Great Thou Art (4:06) -- [Whispering Notes I] -- Piano And Orchestra
[23-Nov-04] -- Don Marsh-Instrumental Hymns -- Our Great Savior (2:38) -- [Our Great Savior] -- Instrumental
[20-dec-04] -- Don Marsh Orchestra Panpipes -- Like A River Glorious (Medley) (5:16) -- [Beside Still Waters I] -- Instrumental
[20-dec-04] -- Doug Lawrence -- It Is Well With My Soul (2:22) -- [Hymns Of Peace] -- Male Solo
[27-dec-04] -- Joanna Marini -- There Is A Fountain (3:37) -- [Thine Is The Glory] -- Instrumental Piano
[28-dec-04] -- Larry Mayfield -- Breathe On Me O Breath Of God (2:15) -- [20 Acapella Hymns (Volume 1)] -- Choir
[02-Jan-05] -- Mike Zachary -- Great Is Thy Faithfulness (2:57) -- [Promised Land] -- Piano Instrumental
[07-Jan-05] -- Shelly Hamilton -- Beneath The Cross Of Jesus (3:06) -- [Classic Meditations For Piano And Strings] -- Piano + Strings


NOTE: This a list of 20 songs that have been playing the longest WITHOUT listeners leaving the station during their airplay. Songs that leave the playlist for this reason will be replaced with "new ones" and will likely be played again sometime in the future. We do this for playlist rotation purposes. (So as to keep the station a blessing to many listeners by keeping songs on the playlist that they like listening to.)

Drop outs, lost connections, and re-buffering are NOT counted by the servers as "tune outs". Tune-outs are only counted when a listener leaves the station.

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