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Melinda K. Wickam -- To God All Praise And Glory Volume 1

Melinda Wickam -- To God All Praise And Glory Volume I
Price: $15.95
Product#: PO-3532CD
Principle Music, Oakbrook, IL
Orchestral arrangements of well-loved hymns (Instrumental music)
Total Playing Time: 52:46
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Songs Included On This CD
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1. May Jesus Christ Be Praised (2:11)
2. Sing Praise To God (2:35)
3. Our Great Savior
4. Shepherd Medley (4:33)
Sheep May Safely Graze (JS Bach)
         My Shepherd Shall Supply My Need 
5. Be Thou My Vision (2:26)
6. Crown Him With Many Crowns (2:37)
7. Marching To Zion (1:48)
8. Close To Thee (2:51)
9. Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise (2:07)
10. Glorious Things Of Thee Are Spoken (3:56)
11. Praise Ye The Lord Of Hosts (2:36)
12. Come, Christians, Join To Sing (2:50)
13. The Master Has Come (3:29)
14. All Hail The Power (2:32)
15. Eternal Father, Strong To Save (2:26)
16. Christ The Lord Is Risen Today (2:38)
17. It Is Well With My Soul (3:51)
18. Praise To The Lord God Almighty (1:53)

Here's what's inside the CD cover
  Melinda Wickam 
Conductor: J. Marty Cope
Executive Producer: Loren K Elms
Producers: Tracey Ann Collins/Titus Heard/Melinda K. Wickam
Engineer: Mike Petrow
Orchestra Contractors: Jared Rodin/Bob Wood
Recorded And Mixed At: Aire Born Studios, Indianapolis, Indiana
Cover Design: Josh Williams/Titus Heard

One of God's primary purposes for His creation is that it be a revelation of Himself to us (Romans 1:20). It follows then, that in order for anything that man creates to be considered truly "great", it must be an accurate reflection of what he knows to be true of the character of God. When others can see the attributes of God and His standards for excellence in the works of our hands, they are drawn to the Source of those standards and are stirred to respond to Him (Psalm 40:3). This recording contains many familiar and well-loved hymn tunes arranged in classic baroque settings. It is our prayer that these arrangements will draw your heart beyond the music itself to the heart of the Master Composer and reveal to you even a small glimpse of the order and beauty of His creative work.

Melinda Wishes To Thank...  I am especially thankful to God for my parents' support, for Mr. Gothard's faith and encouragement, and for my teacher, Mr. David R. Ledgerwood.

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