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Anchor Men Quartet -- Matchless Grace

Anchor Men Quartet -- Matchless Grace
Price: $15.95
Product#: Anchor2-CD
Anchor Men Quartet, Allen Park, MI
Male Quartet
Total Playing Time: 51:52

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NOTE: Song lyrics are included in the CD Insert.

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Songs Included On This CD
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1. Wonderful Grace Of Jesus (2:58)
2. A Passion For Thee (3:18)
3. The Hallelujah Side (2:28)
4. All Your Anxiety (4:53)
5. What A Day That Will Be (2:57)
6. For What Earthly Reason (5:15)
7. Its Not In Vain (3:56)
8. Help Me Win The Lost (4:37)
9. I'm On The Battlefield For My Lord (2:21)
10. How Long Has It Been? (3:54)
11. Sweet Beulah Land (5:09)
12. New Name In Glory (3:04)
13. High And Lifted Up (4:23)
14. I Sing The Mighty Power Of God (2:12)

What's inside the CD cover...
Dear Friends,

We are honored to be able to sing the mighty power of God. It is our prayer that through these songs you will see the wonderful grace of Jesus. the matchless grace has given us a new name in glory and has placed us on the hallelujah side.  Truly, we are the earthly reason that He was high and lifted up on the cross of Calvary. Friend, how long has it been since you had a passion for Him? As we surrender our lives to the Lord; He will help us win the lost in this battlefield on earth. And if we struggle to serve Him, He will bear all our anxieties and open our eyes to see that it's not in vain because we have His blessed hope. What a day that will be when life's trials are over and we finally reach the promise of eternal life in His sweet Beulah land!

For His glory,

Gary, Ben, Ken, and Suzanne-- Kent

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