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Privacy Policy


Old Christian Radio respects the privacy of all of its online visitors 


Information that can identify a visitor is collected ONLY when a visitor voluntarily gives it. 


Non-personal information, in aggregate form, is collected from all online visitors.  All information gathered in this manner is used for statistical reporting purposes and to help improve Old Christian Radio and its sites.


Information that can identify a visitor, such as name and address, is NOT collected in this process. Old Christian Radio does NOT require the disclosure of such information. 


This site requests personal information, as necessary, to process and ship merchandise orders. 


Any personal information you give is kept PRIVATE. It will NEVER be sold, rented out, nor given away to others.


Personal information, including bank account and credit card information, is NOT stored nor retained on any of Old Christian Radio's servers or its websites. (This makes it impossible for hackers to get this information if they successfully hack this site.).


All address and credit card payment information of your order is handled through the Americart shopping cart system using secure 128 bit (high) encryption.


Third party advertising is NOT served on this site. 



Cookies are pieces of information that websites transfer to your hard drive for record-keeping purposes. Cookies are used to store this station's play list window settings and improve this site's performance on your computer. They also collect NON personally identifiable statistical data that is used for statistical reporting and site improvement purposes.

Old Christian Radio gives you "cookies" when you visit its sites. 

Live365.com will also give you cookies when you tune into Old Fashioned Christian Music Radio.

Americart's shopping cart software will give you cookies that will help your computer remember your shipping information from the last order you placed with us, so it will make it easier for you to place another order with us the next time you shop here.


The use of cookies is now an industry standard. Almost every major web site uses them.


Last updated on February 23, 2004

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