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Wilds Orchestra -- Fireside

Wilds Orchestra -- Fireside
Price: $15.95
Product#: TWS0613-CD
Wilds Music
Full Orchestra (Instrumental)
Total Playing Time: 52:52
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NOTE: Lyrics to the songs are included in the CD insert.

This recording is listed under:
Instrumentals -- Orchestra

Songs Included On This CD
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1. Remembering ... All He Has Done For Me (5:25)
2. Remembering ... I Come To Him, Bringing Nothing (3:21)
3. Remembering ... The Moment Of My Salvation (6:39)
4. Remembering ... My Trust Is In Him Alone (4:33)
5. Remembering ... My Commitment To My Lord (6:04)
6. Remembering ... He Is All I Need (6:04)
7. Remembering ... That He Is My Shepherd (3:01)
8. Remembering ... To Guard My Heart Diligently (3:45)
9. Remembering ...
That He Is Always Near (7:02)
Remembering ... The Urgency Of Winning The Lost (3:05)
Remembering ... To Be Faithful To The End (3:48)

The Fireside Service
The Fireside Service at THE WILDS provides an opportunity for campers to give a visual testimony that they have totally surrendered their hearts and lives to the Lord. Placing a stick into the fire is a picture of their life being consumed by Christ and turning over all their ambitions and desires to the Lord. As the worthless stick is placed into the fire, it becomes useful as fuel to produce light, warmth, and purification. This will be our testimony: we are the light of the world, a testimony of the warmth of God's love, and a purifying factor to others. The challenge given in preparation for campers to give this testimony provides a time for genuine soul-searching, based upon David's prayer in Psalm 139:23-24 when he asks the Lord to search him and lead him in the way everlasting. -- Ken Hay

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