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SMS Men's Quartet -- Be Not Discouraged

SMS Men's Quartet -- Be Not Discouraged
Price: $15.95
In Stock
Product#: SMS030-CD
Sacred Music Services
Male Quartet
Total Playing Time: 47:07

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Songs Included On This CD
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1. Be Not Discouraged (1:32)
2. The Love Of God (2:32)
3. Jesus Is Coming Again (1:56)
4. He Was Wounded For Our Transgressions (3:29)
5. When I Can Read My Title Clear (1:42)
6. Why? (2:23)
7. I Want To Be There (1:57)
8. Revive Us Again (2:39)
9. My Faith Looks Up To Thee (3:05)
10. Come, Christians Join To Sing (1:53)
11. God's Throne Of Grace (2:32)
12. Only A Boy Named David (2:04)
13. Seeking For Me (2:04)
14. Men Of God, Arise (2:28)
15. Saved By Grace (1:56)
16. Ride On, King Jesus (2:32)
17. Isn't The Love Of Jesus Something Wonderful (2:16)
18. A Child Of The King (2:32)
19. Onward Christian Soldiers (2:27)
20. In The Same Wonderful Way (2:41)

The SMS Quartet
Phil Gingery (1st tenor)
Mac Lynch (2nd Tenor)
Tim Fisher (baritone)
John Skinner (bass)

All Piano accompaniments arranged and performed by Mac & Beth Lynch

Picture of the people of the SMS Men's Quartet


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