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Mike Paramore -- Pickin' on Patch

Mike Paramore -- Pickin' On Patch
Price: $15.95
Product#: 0789161-CD
Majesty Music
Instrumental -- Classical Guitar Music
Total Playing Time: 40:52


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This recording is listed under:
Guitar Arrangements

Songs Included On This CD
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1. Rejoice In The Lord (2:57)
2. Wiggle Worm (2:04) 
3. Lord, I Need You (3:02)
4. God's Perfect Lamb (2:41)
5. My Sin Is Ever Before Me (2:43)
6. Jonah (2:07)
7. Little By Little (1:46)
8. How Can I Fear (3:05)
9. My Very Best Friend (2:27)
10. Poochie Lip (2:12)
11. I'm Goin' Home (2:25)
12. All That I Need (1:15)
13. Cool Water (2:52)
14. Trusty Sword (2:22)
15. Initiative (1:51)
16. Harmony At Home (2:07)
17. Bow The Knee (2:59)

Inside the CD cover reads... 
Mike Paramore --  A musician for over thirty years. Mike specializes in finger-style guitar. Over the past twenty years, Mike has regularly performed guitar solos as special music for church services and weddings. His guitar recordings include two CDs of hymn arrangements as well as a Christmas CD.

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