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Mac Lynch -- You Are God Alone

Mac Lynch -- You Are God Alone
Price: $15.95
Product#: TWS0618-CD
Wilds Music
Male Solo with vocal backgrounds
Total Playing Time: 59:10
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NOTE: Lyrics to the songs are included in the CD insert.

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Songs Included On This CD
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1. The Ancient Of Days (Solo) (4:30)
2. God Who Made The World (Solo) (3:58)
3. Alleluia To The Lord (Solo) (4:43)
4. Healer Of My Heart (Solo) (5:50)
5. Fill Me Now (Solo) (3:46)
6. Everlasting Love (Duet) (4:54)
7. He Is Risen (Solo) (4:50)
8. Every Knee Shall Bow (Trio) (4:46)
9. Revive My Heart (Solo) (3:04)
10. God's Word Shall Stand Forever (Solo) (3:14)
11. The Cross (Solo) (3:14)
12. For Such A Time As This (Duet) (4:01)
13. Worthy Is The Lamb (Solo) (4:08)
14. The Lord Bless You (Solo) (4:12)

The message inside the CD cover reads...
Mac Lynch -- We live in a day teeming with things that draw our attention from our God. The little pretender gods such as materialism, sensuality, and entertainment vie for our heart's affection. Even things good in themselves, such as family, recreation, jobs, and ministry positions can move us to the point that they become more important than God. No one is exempt in the struggle to keep our Lord God first place in our hearts. The selections on this recording were carefully selected by the composers and staff of THE WILDS in the hopes the they will cause us to meditate upon and worship our One True God. In true worship, His glory must be the focus of our hours, days, weeks, and years. May it be an encouragement to you as you think of Him first, as you think of Him alone.

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