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Linda McKechnie -- Symphony Of Praise Volume II

Linda McKechnie -- Symphony Of Praise (Volume II)
Price: $10.95
Product#: CD-5674J
Brentwood Music
Instrumental--Grand Piano and Full Orchestra
Total Playing Time: 38:00
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This recording is listed under:
Piano Music 

Songs Included On This CD
(Click To Listen to 90 second mp3 samples)

1. Because He Lives (3:35)
    (with 1812 Overture by Tschaikovsky)
2. I Will Sing Of The Mercies Of The Lord (3:05)
    (with Brandenburg Concerto 3 by Bach)
3. Open Our Eyes Lord (5:06)
    (with Morning by Grieg)
4. We Bow Down (2:31)
    (with Serenade For Strings by Tschaikovsky)
5. I Exalt Thee (4:18)
    (with Polonaise by Chopin)
6. O Worship The King (4:10)
   (with excerpt from Lobengrin by Wagner)
7. Bless His Holy Name (3:58)
    (with Adagio by Beethoven)
8. Thy Word (4:11)
    (with Winter by Vivaldi)
9. More Precious Than Silver (4:12)
    (with Arioso by Bach)
10. King Of Kings (2:13)
    (with In The Hall Of The Mountain King by Grieg)

Here's what's inside the CD cover
Performed and arranged
by Linda McKechnie 
Orchestrated and Conducted by Don Marsh
Executive Producer: Ed Kee

    I am honored to be able to bring Symphony Of Praise, Volume 2 to you on the Brentwood Records label. As a Pastor's wife and mother of two grown children, I am enjoying this new phase of ministry as the Lord blesses through my recordings and concerts.

This series of recordings has been played to soothe crying babies, comfort stroke victims, calm mothers in hospital delivery rooms, and even been played in operating rooms during major surgery. Many people have attributed the healing of their body, mind, and spirit to this music.

My prayer is that listeners will sense the joy of  my Christian faith as they reflect on the text of these great praise choruses as I express the meaning of the words through the emotion of both the praise and classical melodies.  -- Linda McKechnie

Comments on the back the CD cover
Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi. Imagine the music of these outstanding composers perfectly woven with the greatest praise choruses of all time. In Symphony of Praise, Volume 2, concert pianist Linda McKechnie breathes new life into these classic melodies by masterfully blending them with favorite choruses as Open Our Eyes, Lord, Thy Word, Because He Lives, creating a beautiful expression of pure melodic praise.

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