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Gloryland Quartet -- Calvary's Blood

Gloryland Quartet -- Calvary's Blood
Price: $15.95
Product#: NVM0002-CD
North Valley Baptist Publications
Male-Female Quartet
Total Playing Time: 30:26


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Songs Included On This CD
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1. Calvary's Blood (2:38)
2. Tears Will Never Stain (2:48)
3. Come Back Home (4:32)
4. I've Got More To Go To Heaven For (2:35)
5. Joy Comes In The Morning (3:11)
6. The Solid Rock Medley (2:59)
7. I Will Be There (3:11)
8. He Looked Beyond My Fault (2:43)
9. Thank God I Am Free (2:33)
10. Hallelujah Square (3:10)

What's inside the CD cover...
The Gloryland Quartet is one of the many ensembles whose music is heard in the services of North Valley Baptist Church (of Santa Clara, CA), and we trust this recording will speak to you in the same way this family reaches the hearts of the people who hear them sing in our church

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