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Fred Bock, Organist -- The Old Rugged Cross

Fred Bock, Organist -- The Old Rugged Cross
Price: $15.95
Product#: Bock2-CD
The Summit Sounds Systems Company
Instrumental -- Organ + Chimes
Total Playing Time: 40:29
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Songs Included On This CD
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1. The Church In The Wildwood (2:21) -- (Organ And Chimes)
2. The Old Rugged Cross (2:55) -- (Organ And Chimes)
3. In The Garden (3:05) -- (Organ And Chimes, about 53 seconds into the recording)
4. Savior, Like A Shepherd Lead Us (2:34) -- (Organ And Chimes)
5. Sweet Hour Of Prayer (3:45)
6. I Am Thine, O Lord (3:42)
7. Blest Be The Tie That Binds (2:21) -- (Organ And Chimes)
8. What A Friend We Have In Jesus (3:49) -- (Organ And Chimes)
9. Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross (3:47) -- (Organ And Chimes)
10. Jesus Calls Us (2:11) -- (Organ And Chimes)
11. I Need Thee Every Hour (2:46)
12. Softly And Tenderly (3:14) -- (Organ And Chimes)
13. I Love To Tell The Story (3:49) -- (Organ And Chimes)

The message inside the CD cover reads...

The Fundamental Top 500