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Doug And Jennifer Cassel -- I Have A Shepherd

Doug And Jennifer Cassel -- I Have A Shepherd
Price: $15.95
Product#: FMM-05523-CD
Faith Music Missions
Male-Female Duet with Guitar
Total Playing Time: 35:00

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Songs Included On This CD
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1. Holy Spirit (3:38)
2. Great Things Can Be Done (4:05)
3. Our Dream For You (2:23)
4. The Centurion (4:36)
5. 'Til Death Do Us Part (3:01)
6. I Kneel My Heart (2:43)
7. My Father's The Captain (4:42)
8. I Have A Shepherd (4:22)
9. Everything Is Alright (2:22)
10. A Family Reunion (3:02)


NOTE: All songs are written by Jennifer Cassel

They are from:

Doug And Jennifer Cassel
1201 Liberty St
Jacksonville, IN  47438
(812) 665-9863

(Last updated on March 14, 2009)

The message inside the CD cover reads...
This CD is dedicated to you, Jessica, our precious gift from Heaven.

We want you to know Mommy and Daddy love you, but always remember, Jesus loves you most. Our dream for you is not to achieve greatness, but to achieve much of the One Who is the greatest,' All the love we can give,

Daddy and Mommy

Doug And Jennifer Cassel Family picture 2005


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